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Journey to tashkent
For spring-summer 2017 J.Kim collection designer Jenia Kim was inspired by Uzbekistan. The choice of destination doesn't come as a surprise – Jenia spent her childhood there, so it's culture left a deep mark on her. Having decided to continue the theme, Jenia created a capsule collection of hoodies inspired both by streetwear and typical clothing worn by ladies in Uzbekistan. Thus, Jenia Kim in her aesthetics keeps on balancing between contemporary fashion and traditional ethnic cultures – the same she did in her previous collections.The presentation of the capsule collection comes in series of pictures taken in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, where Jenia traveled especially for the project. The photos depict the locals wearing J.Kim embellished maxi length hoodies – the core of the collection. The images are very strong as they represent the inspiration of the capsule at it's best.

Photographer: Igor Klepnev