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Together with the local team of Uzbek creatives Hassan Kurbanbaev and Misha Kuzhel we made a photo story about childhood memories fading away more and more every year.

We have used many references tracing back to my childhood in this shooting. Playing hide-and-seek with my friends; burying little treasures into the ground and covering it with the pieces of glass on top; drinking my favorite homemade beverage called "vishnevka" and eating traditional Uzbek bread filled with Soviet Korean salads that one can buy at every turn in Tashkent.
The shooting is celebrating my new capsule collection of jackets inspired by clothes worn by Koreans who grew up in Central Asia . I always try to show the connections between Uzbek and Korean cultures through my works: the jackets resemble traditional Korean jackets called chogori but are made of vintage Soviet fabrics that came from Uzbekistan back then, as well as from traditional Uzbek fabric called bekasam. The jackets are made in two colors only – black and white – with patterned lining and can be worn both sides.
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