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shopping at seafood market
Special shoot of J.Kim on Jeju Island

In the new season, Jane Kim decided to devote special attention to the accessory line and released several bags, including a plastic bag-bag with illustrations by the artist Alexey Klepnev. Bags with realistic images of eels and sea cucumbers immediately became one of the hits of the collection, and it was them that Zhenya decided to make the main characters of her new creative shooting.
In order to get authentic shots, the designer went to the place where the history of her last work began – to the very island of Jeju. Jane wanted to personally get acquainted with the representatives of the ancient profession of hene in order to understand how they live and what their life looks like. For several days, Jane studied the surroundings, until one day she wandered into a street with many cafes, at the entrance of which there were huge aquariums with marine life. Jane immediately imagined the story of the shooting – a girl comes to the market to buy fish for dinner, the seller pours water from the aquarium into a bag and launches live eels there, and with this burden the heroine goes back home. A simple visual story, told partly in a documentary way, was a continuation of the idea that inspired Zhenya to create an unusual accessory. The shooting took place at the fish market, and its participants were ordinary sellers.